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©2016 Ana Hernandez van der Veen
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"Originally from El Salvador in Central America, I'm now living in Holland, an environment rich in beautiful nature landscapes and peaceful places that bring the perfect setting for my work.

Since my childhood I fell in love with drawing and painting, and began attending art classes at the age of 12. I studied with three different well know artists in my country, whom, through very different styles and visions, taught me the essentials of painting. Through my life, I have also participated in different art exhibitions.

I began painting in a realistic style but in the past years, I have been developing my own style, inspired by my own experiences, my roots, vision and interpretation of life. I would say that my art is a mix of naïve, figurative and magic surrealistic art, if I would need to tag it and my favorite medium is oils, but I also like to experiment with mix media, pastels and at present, I am currently doing most of my paintings in acrylics.

I keep very vivid in my heart my Latin American background, my family, my landscapes, my colorful world, my sea, my tropical birds and plants, my cheerful childhood, my people, my happiness and sadness, my silences, my faith; interpreting them in my own and particular way and putting them into canvases. Without words, I like to speak about that huge part of my world in the other side of the ocean which is alive everyday in my heart. I relieve my need of expressing it through my artwork.

I have a deep desire to create new characters, mainly women, women from my land: Latin women, mostly without a fixed income, hard working woman that no matter how colorful their background could be, they reflect a deep sadness in their eyes. These women, who didn’t have the opportunity to attend school, didn’t have a normal childhood because they had to work or were made mothers too soon… they are the source of my inspiration.

To them, with my heart, I dedicate my art."                                          

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Ana Hernandez van der Veen